Career in the Medical Field (Ophthalmologist)

Career in the Medical Field (Ophthalmologist)
1) Give us a brief insight into Medical as a Profession. (Some details about your journey in the medical industry/details about your area of specialisation)
Medical profession is a continuously growing...
Dr. Dinesh Patil is an Ophthalmologist. He has done his MS in Ophthalmology from Seth GSMC and KEM Hospital, Mumbai. He runs his own eye care hospital.

1)  Give us a brief insight into Medical as a Profession. (Some details about  your journey in the medical industry/details about your area of  specialisation)

Medical profession  is a continuously growing industry with many career opportunities. I had done  my M.B.B.S. from Rajiv Gandhi Medical College, Thane and Post Graduation in  Ophthalmology from Seth GS Medical College and KEM Hospital Parel, Mumbai. After  completing post-graduation, one year  compulsory  bond service. I worked  in private hospital for one year and then opened my own well equipped ophthalmology  hospital Krishna Eye Care.

2)  What are the highly paid / secured specializations people are going for in  the recent years?

In recent years, radiology is most sought after specialization. Other branches are General  Medicine and Orthopedics.

3)  Is an MBBS degree alone is sufficient or pursuing Masters is a must? Does a fresher  start on his own after studies or work in a Hospital for few years before  eventually starting on own?

Post graduation in  specific medical field is often required in today’s era. Post MBBS, you can  do Degree (M.D/M.S./DNB) which is of three years duration and Diploma which  of two years for which you have to clear All India PG Entrance or State PGM  CET .During post graduation, you get a decent stipend. You can have  other options also after MBBS, like MBA in Health  Management and Diploma in Clinical Research. It is better to work for few  years in hospital to gain more experience and also confidence to start your  own hospital.

4)  Which are the countries students are opting for to pursue higher education?  Do students come back to India for jobs or settle down in the foreign  country? Recognition of Foreign degrees in India.

Students can also  opt to go to USA, UK or Australia for post-graduation. But they have to clear  USMLE, PLAB, AMC respectively .Most students settle down in foreign counties  after post graduation. Foreign degrees (UG and PG) can be valid in India only  after clearing exams conducted by Medical Council of India.

5)   What are the additional courses that  one should pursue along with the Bachelors/Masters Degree which will add  value?

You can also pursue  short term fellowships in foreign countries and after post-graduation in  India which add value to your profile and helps in learning newer advances in  specific fields.

6)  What are the skills required to excel in the Industry?

Regular updation of  recent advances in respective specialisation, good clinical skills and  adequate surgical exposure (for surgical branches) helps in excelling today’s  very competitive medical field.

7)   Provide any other valuable specific  information for the students who want to pursue a career in the above field.

It takes more time  to settle in medical field as compared to other fields but there is no other  satisfaction which can match after seeing happiness on face of your patients  as you are doing noble cause of healing human being along with earning money.

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