• What is an Internship Program?

Internship is working for a firm for a definite period, ranging from a few weeks(short-term) to a couple or more years(long-term), with the purpose of gaining some corporate experience. Doing an internship has gained immense value in the recent years. The candidates themselves get good hands-on experience, learn a lot through observation, get mentored by seniors in the industry, get a chance to earn in case of paid internships, a chance to upgrade the resume and also an excellent opportunity to be retained in the same firm as a full time employee.

  • How does your internship program work?

Internship programme at LIVE2DREAM caters to degree college students from all faculties. It bridges the gap between the prospective intern and the company offering internships. LIVE2DREAM has a database of prospective interns whose profiles are matched with the company’s requirements hence serving them both. To apply for an internship with us, send your resume to support@live2dream.in

  • Do you conduct workshops and seminars?

Yes, we do conduct workshops and seminars in Schools and Colleges all over India. We have exclusive Information Exchange Programmes for the College students guiding them in Employability skills, Foreign Education and offering them Internship opportunities. Write to us at support@live2dream.in.

  • What is the need for guidance or counseling?

Every need arises from a desire. Every individual lives with a desire to be successful and to fulfill his ambitions which is not possible without proper guidance and experience. As long as there is a desire to carve out your own career successfully, the need will always exist.

  • Why is counseling important for you? 

Decision surely can be taken by an individual but if the decision is based on very little research and no knowledge and experience there is a high risk of failure of decisions. Failure is not bad but we can avoid it by learning from others mistakes and experience. Save time, money and energy.

  • Why only professionals?

Parents and teachers are equally good counselors but in their own area. Parents work on your values, teachers work on your education, professional counselors work on your career.

  • Do counselors guarantee success at the end of the road?

Only you can guarantee yourself success with your efforts and perseverance. We shall light the path for you, you have to travel and experience the same.

  • Does LIVE2DREAM CAREER SERVICES provide online counseling?

Yes, we do provide you with online support depending on your requirements. Although, we prefer meeting the client in person at least once.