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Career Seminar

Career Seminar

LIVE2DREAM CAREER SERVICES conducts the following seminars in Schools and Colleges:

  • Career Guidance
  • Higher Education in India / Abroad
  • Seminar by Professionals from various fields
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Internship Program for Graduates / Post-Graduates


Career Counseling with Parent & Child

Career Counseling with Parent & Child

We specialize in career counseling for School students, College students and Freshers. We help the individual to zero down on a career that is most suitable in line with the abilities and interests.  There are innumerable opportunities available in the market. One has to take a sound decision, excel in it and we help make that decision.  We, along with career guidance, also believe in career management. Just selecting a certain path is not sufficient, being consistent on the path and experiencing it is equally important too. The expert counselors at LIVE2DREAM shall accompany you on your journey and help you at every step of your career.

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LIVE2DREAM assesses the student based on a number of factors, one of them is the use of scientific tests. These scientific tests are based on extensive research and are tried and tested. They are one way of gauging the aptitude and personality.

Following tests are undertaken depending on the age of the candidate:


Career Guidance Seminar

Differential Aptitude Test

Aptitude is one of the components of an individual’s competency. The student is tested in various areas like Numerical Aptitude, Verbal Ability, Abstract Reasoning, Spatial Ability, Technical Ability and Clerical Ability. Career options are suggested based on the scores and combination of student’s interest.


This test will help you to know about yourself. You need to know your strengths, weaknesses and abilities in order to find the best career suitable for you. The personality assessment report will provide the top 3 career options for you. The report will also consist the detailed information on Qualifications sought by a particular industry, top colleges to pursue higher studies, technical skills, soft skills development etc.


Skills are that add value to one’s qualification. Considering our education system which focuses more on building bookish knowledge rather than overall personality development, we are in much need of developing skills. Not only skills related to our field of study but also life skills like Effective Communication, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Creative Thinking, Interpersonal Relationships, Self-awareness, Empathy, Leadership etc.

The problem lies not in lack of job opportunities but it lies in lack of well trained, deserving candidates. Being multi-skilled is the norm now. It is important that the youth focuses on overall development by improving their knowledge through reading activities, learning a Foreign Language, getting trained in latest Technical Skills in their field of study, Internships in different Organisations etc. Through discussion, we help you identify skills that are important for your overall development and help you in Personality Development.