Career as a Software Engineer

Career as a Software Engineer
1) Give us a brief insight into the field of Software Engineering. Also we would love to hear your journey of getting the dream job in Apple Inc.
Software engineering is a very versatile and a highly dynamic field mostly...
Rohan is a Software Engineer with Apple Inc, USA. He has done his Masters in Information Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology,NY.

1) Give us a brief insight into the field of  Software Engineering. Also we would love to hear your journey of getting the  dream job in Apple Inc.

Software  engineering is a very versatile and a highly dynamic field mostly because it  is so easily adaptable in such a cohesive way to almost any other field of  study. I’d only always admired the products designed and created by Apple  as  a user much like so many of us do  and had never imagined to actually get an opportunity to work at this amazing  place. But it hasn’t come easy of course. I’ve had to challenge myself like  never before to change the status quo. Taking one step at a time, planning  for the next one to be bigger than the previous, by always staying focused,  determined and with a strong will to not just dream big but live it too.

2) What are the growth prospects in the IT industry?  What is the next big thing?

The IT industry is very well placed today and it has tremendous potential for growth. Given its dynamic nature, its very hard to predict the next big  thing, but there is just so much happening right now with Artificial  Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Wearable Technology, Google’s self-driving car  and so much more.

3) How are the placements and range of pay scale for  a fresher? (In India)

Quite  honestly, engineers in India today are dime-a-dozen. I personally don’t believe you can afford to just be an engineer these days if you choose to be one, you should definitely seek  higher  education. That being said, the placement infrastructure has improved fairly  well over time. Placements do happen  in bulk sometimes but you also see fresh graduates on the bench for a  considerable time. The pay scale can range anywhere between Rs. 18K-30K for fresh out of college engineers.

4) Does a foreign (For eg: US) degree in Software  Engineering has better career prospects than an Indian degree?

Yes. Be it a just an undergraduate degree from U.S or a masters in s/w engineering, a fresh out of college grad can earn 10 times more than what he/she would in India. For e.g. in India, most s/w companies that make campus placements  offer a modest package of Rs.3.25 lacs per annum as compared to a modest package  of $60K in the U.S.

5)  What are  the additional courses that one should pursue along with the  Bachelors/Masters Degree which will add value?

Most  bachelors/masters degree if pursuing from abroad are very comprehensive in  the way they are structured and designed. For instance, they include credits  for internships that are mandatory for the completion of their degree. Which  essentially means, hands on working experience for the students even before  they’ve formally completed their education.

6) What are the skills required to excel in the  field of IT?

Ability to write awesome code (Programmer)

& hard  work – the same skill required to excel in every field.

7)  Provide  any other valuable specific information for the students who want to pursue a  career in the above field.

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