Feedback on Aptitude Test and Counseling

“Madam,I have taken admission in Banasthali Vidhyapeeth in B.Tech(IT). I am happy that it is a good university. I have completed 15 days and BU is continuously proving my decision right to go there.I have joined 1 club to explore in my branch + I am continuing my sports + I have joined NSS + I am taking a diploma in French language(2 years), so this all with my studies.They also provide coaching for further competitive exams, I am planing to join one next year. Thank you Madam for all you guidance!!”Sanskriti Singh, DAV Bina.

“Aptitude test conducted by the School with the help of LIVE2DREAM is found to be interesting and helpful for students and parents in deciding future course of education after SSC/HSC.”Manoj Paranjpe (Parent), A.K.Joshi School, Thane

“Aptitude test is an interesting concept. We are very much happy with the outcome of this test. All the test parameters and results were nicely explained to us.”Atharva Bapat (Student),A.K.Joshi School, Thane

“Test was very good and the counseling was excellent. I came to know about my plus points and negatives. I got the guidance required for choosing my career and I’m sure that it will help me.”Vinit J More(Student),A.K.Joshi School, Thane

“It was a great experience to sit and talk and get a broadened discussion with our counsellor Ms. Ashwini Patil. I got an idea about what the today’s hour demand and what all courses we can choose. I came to know about many of the online courses.”Tanisha Nigam(Student), DAV School, Bhopal

“A wonderful interaction with the counsellor. She has made a good attempt to give my child a vision for her future and has shown her the path for achieving the target.”Sneha Nair (Parent), DAV School, Bhopal

“The counselor guided us in a very nice, pleasant manner. The options available and the reasons for recommending those were lucidly explained. It has helped my daughter to better understand the various fields she can get into. We will be working on the advise given and get in touch again for further guidance once some firming up is done.” – Parent of Sanika Goray, AK Joshi, Thane

“Vast details provided in all the queries asked. More clear vision of career and industry market both current & future.” – Sandeep Patankar (Parent)



“It was very informative and I could connect with the counselor. Basically, it did not even feel like a lecture. It was an interactive conversation. It is good to know and take advice from a person educated in this field. I’m sure it will be truly helpful for me and my fellow classmates.” – Chitraja Walanj

“Passion is easier to define than to recognise. When we have a choice spread at large, we tend to confuse ourselves unnecessarily. But today the beneficial guidance which we got was upto the mark. It is always good that what we hear we equally digest it, I say LIVE2DREAM and believe in it too.” – Nikita A Velangi

“It was an excellent seminar. I liked it very much and my doubts were very much cleared about my career. Now, I seem to be more serious than before because of this seminar. I think it would be helpful to me.” – Shalaka Rajendra Sonje

“It was totally motivating, inspiring session. We loved it. Moreover orator was giving speech which was totally an eye opener for me. I would like her to come again to our school and guide us.” – Sejal Deshpande

“It was an interesting experience and I really came to know about many things. Earlier, I was not aware of various streams in the current scenario. It actually cleared my confusions regarding the procedure to pursue my dreams.” – Srishti Saxena

“Seminar was outstanding. I got many things to know which I had never heard of. Many things about what is beneficial for us in choosing our career.” – Shrutika Bhor, DPVN CBD Belapur

“The experience of seminar was very good. We really became aware about different fields of career through various streams.” – Mahima Dave, DPVN CBD Belapur

“Many doubts were solved. ‘What is career?’ was the question you answered perfectly. It is not easy to decide but you took utmost efforts to guide us properly. – Shrideep Pankaj Kshirsagar

“Great work done by LIVE2DREAM. You have made me aware of various career options. Thank you!” – Anushka M Chaubal